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Kim Grant going nowhere - Hearts of Oak

Hearts of Oak have stated that their head coach, Kim Grant, will stay with the club amid reports that he will be quitting his position.

Following the exit of Mark Noonan from his post as CEO, there were numerous media reports that Grant would also leave the club since he was appointed by Noonan. Grant officially began work at Hearts of Oak on December 1, 2018.

The club said on Tuesday that Grant would stay with the team and work with the new CEO, Frederick Moore.

Their position was carried in a tweet which detailed a press release signed by its spokesperson, Kwame Opare Addo.


In a related development, Opare Addo has told Citi Sports that Moore will get adequate from the entire in order for him to succeed and that he will be guided by what Noonan did in his time at the club.

“Without any doubt, we have faith in Moore and we believe that he has what it takes to add to the image of the brand. We are confident that with the support of everybody, Frederick Moore will certainly go in the same direction as Noonan.”

Hearts, like the other Premier League clubs, are currently engaging in friendly matches to stay active in the absence of competitive local football which was halted in June 2018 following the airing of the Anas “Number 12” documentary.

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