Kotoko coach blame referee of defeat

Sun, 14 Feb 2010 Source: Raymond Yeboah Ark Radio

February 14 - The coach of Kumasi Asante Kotoko (Ghana) who lost 0-2 Saturday in the preliminary match by Linguere St. Louis, has accused the referee of being the cause the defeat of his club.

''You know what the referee did was incredible, but we will show pictures and people will know that we do not deserve to lose by that score,''a balanced Paa Kwesi Fabin to a reporter of 'Ark radio come collect his opinion at the end of the meeting.

Very unhappy with the referee, he was repeatedly called to order by the 4th referee and the central referee, the Mauritanian Ould Lemghambodji who threatened to return him to stand.

Refusing to comment on the longer part, he preferred to take his players to lead them toward the exit of the playground while waiting reporters his reaction.

Ould Lemghambodji committed errors of assessment on several measures of play he made a miscalculation on a corner he refused to Ghanaian club. He also released a second yellow card against severe playmaker Ghanaian Gyan Baffour in the 68th minute.

Besides the technician who told the press Thursday in Dakar coming win the game, the delegate of the Ghanaian Football League Kwame Baah-Nuakoh was furious, almost an hour after the end of the meeting.

''I began to recognize that arbitrator. It is really not good. We had already cost a defeat not long ago,''he said, surrounded by his countrymen.

But despite these errors arbitration, the club of Ghana has shown widely in the scope of the representative of Senegal, which on several occasions had the opportunity to lead largely to score.

Source: Raymond Yeboah Ark Radio