Dr Lawrence Tetteh details spiritual reason behind failure of Ghanaian players to reach the top

Lawrence Tetteh Dool40.png World-renowned evangelist, Rev. Dr Lawrence Tetteh

Fri, 27 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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World-renowned evangelist, Rev. Dr Lawrence Tetteh has advised Ghanaian footballers not to depart from the path of God when they begin to enjoy success in their careers.

According to the globally-acclaimed preacher, Ghanaian footballers have the tendency of drifting off the path of God when they get their breakthrough.

In a yet-to-be-aired edition of LifeStyle TV’s Heart and Soul program, Dr Lawrence Tetteh opined that the over-focus on spirituality is a major cause of the failures some talented footballers in the country.

He observed that these talents begin their careers on the path righteousness and holiness but fell off along the line.

“I’m saying this thing with a lot of caution and sadness, most of our Black Stars boys who could not make it to the was because they concentrated more on the spirit than training on the spirit.

“Most of our boys and girls come from nowhere. They are picked from the dungeons and had no hope. They were singing gospel and inspirational songs. These were the things God saw and opened doors for them but when the doors got opened, they foolishly leave their God. Look at the Under-17s, he said.

The juju phenomenon has been a feature of Ghana football for ages despite efforts by industry players to purge the sport of it.

A former minister of Youth and Sports recently recounted how as a young player and later management members of certain clubs, he and his colleagues were made to undergo certain rituals to help them achieve victory in matches.

“I have had experiences before.I have slept in a cemetery before. I have bathed water that has been used on dead bodies before. I have eaten certain things, swallowed certain things before," Nii Lante Vanderpuye said.

He continued in the interview which aired on Heart and Soul that “The worse part of it is that one day we were given stones to put in our boots. By 15 minutes into the game, we got blisters and sore so we could not even wear the boots anymore. Your toes are swollen so the ball comes to you and you can’t even kick it. And they say that, it is going to win you the match.”

“The thing is so endemic. I have had a situation where a player who was sent out to France, a wonderful player, but because he was not allowed to do those things, his football career ended. Because he had believed so much in those things that he thinks without them there is no way he can play,” he said.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com