Performing clubs translate to good national teams - Ken Bediako

Ken.jpeg Veteran sports writer Ken Bediako

Sat, 19 Feb 2022 Source: footballghana.com

Veteran sports writer Ken Bediako believes that if the country begins to nurture players from the clubs, the national team would develop and progress.

Mr. Bediako, a Sports Journalist for many years, appeared on GTV Sports + program "Saving Our Passion," which is now in its second week, and stated that he feels the government is not investing enough in these clubs, instead of focusing on the Black Stars, who have disappointed Ghanaians.

“Football is full of money, and if the Clubs are doing well, we will have a good National Team. We can’t have a weaker league and expect to produce better players for the National Teams, we need to come back to the basics”.

According to Bediako, there will be little progress in the country's football until the government put structures and laws in place and enforce them.

“During our glory days we had a system that gave us all the trophies we’ve won, currently we have no system and also Investors will only come when there is transparency in our football,” he concluded.

Source: footballghana.com
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