Samuel Takyi is not a perfect boxer but I trained him to win bronze – Coach Asare replies Ike Quartey

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Wed, 22 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Head coach of Ghana's armature boxing team, coach Ofori Asare, has responded to Ike Quartey’s remarks that he did not play a major role in Samuel Takyi’s success to win a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

According to coach Asare, despite his imperfections which have been indicated by the former world champion, he has been able to nurture a boxer to win a medal for Ghana in the country's history.

For him, Quartey’s criticisms against him are unfair since Samuel Takyi joined the Black Bombers a few weeks before the Olympic games and needed to be prepped for the tournament.

“I am not a perfect trainer and neither is Takyi a perfect boxer. There may be lapses in his [Takyi] skills, just like the great Floyd Mayweather and Ike Quartey himself, but I trained him to win a bronze medal," Asare said told Daily Graphic.

Coach Asare’s comments come after Ike Bazooka Quartey, Samuel Takyi's current trainer, criticized him [Asare] for not teaching the boxer the basics of boxing.

Quartey told Graphic Sports, “I have no confidence in Coach Asare; he is not a complete coach. It was when I started training Takyi that I realized that Coach Asare had done nothing to him."

“Coach Asare trained Takyi and took him to the Olympics, but I found many faults with the boxer who I’m currently managing and I realized he didn’t get the basics right. This should not be so for an Olympian, a bronze medalist for that matter,” Quartey lamented.

“If you start school as a child you will be thought A, B, C, D, up to Z and you will grow with it. So, as a young adult if you forget this and you have reminded you quickly go back to it. But in Takyi’s case he doesn’t know them at all,” he noted.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com