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South Africa can’t rock shoulders with Ghana – Yusif Basigi

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Mon, 6 Dec 2021 Source:

Coach Yusif Basigi believes Ghana is better than South Africa in football

South Africa lost to Ghana in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

Basigi revealed that Ghana has nurtured so many talents

Head coach of Hasaacas Ladies, Yusif Basigi has disclosed that South Africa cannot be compared to Ghana when it comes to football.

South Africa have been at loggerheads with Ghana after their loss to the Black Stars in the final group game of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The South African Football Association filed a protest to football’s governing body, FIFA following their defeat alleging that there were issues of match-fixing in their game against the Black Stars.

However, in a reaction to legal battle, between South Africa and Ghana, coach Yusif Basigi believes Ghana has chopped a number of success in football compared to South Africa hence the two cannot be at par when it comes to football.

Despite Hasaacas Ladies lose to South African side, Mamlodi Sundowns Ladies in the CAF Women’s Champions League the Ghanaian coach said, “Of course we are better in football than them.”

“For me there is no day I will say we are not a powerhouse, so if the [Ghana Football Association] president says so, he is right,” Yusif Basigi said on GhanaWeb’s Sports Check show.

He went on to ask, “When did they start, even though they are putting their things together, but when did they start?”

According to him, the only time South Africa comes close to Ghana in football is when you compare facilities. He also noted that Ghana has numerous football talents compared to the South Africans.

“They just want to rock shoulders with Ghana. They have the facilities alright, everything in place but to rock shoulders with Ghana in terms of players, I’m sorry they should come again,” the coach emphasized.

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