Tagoe, Adiyiah bounced from club over girl

Tue, 5 Apr 2011 Source: english.blic.rs

Partizan football club players Prince Tagoe and Dominic Adiyiah were assaulted yesterday afternoon at cafe Scenarium in the Belgrade district of Belville. The incident took place in a cafe the two frequently drop by as they both reside in its vicinity. The two players reportedly behaved inappropriately after which the cafe’s staff got involved in a verbal fracas with the two Ghanaian players.

According to the information released by the police, the clash happened as the footballers were involved in a misunderstanding with the cafe’s waitress over seating. As there were no free seats in the cafe at the time the pair entered it, Tagoe and Adiyiah sipped their drinks at the bar. They then misunderstood the waitress they could sit at a table where there was a girl.

- “The young lady did not like it and she called her friend, who confronted the two footballers. He kicked one of them below the knee, after which he left the premises and the staff called the police,” said the police source.

According to official information Adiyiah was grabbed by the throat by a man, as the group started pushing, shoving, and an angry exchange of words. While the two Partizan players were at the police station giving statements about the incident, the club’s secretary Ljubisa Rankovic came to the place of incident.

- “Our players have been attacked, but luckily they are fine. I am not sure they will be returning to their flat and will most probably spend the night at our training ground Zemunelo,” was all Rankovic would discuss.

A few Partizan fans turned up on the spot to give support to their players.

Source: english.blic.rs