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US Ambassador predicts win against Ghana

The USA Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Gene Cretz, like most Americans, is hoping that the US football team will get a win over Ghana as the two countries clash for the third time in succession at the World Cup.

In the previous two meetings, Ghana's Black Stars' ended up winners, but Ambassador Cretz hopes the US will be third-time lucky to record their first win in their Group G opening match tonight.

The Ambassador has even gone ahead to predict a 3-2 scoreline in favour of his team, even though he feels nervous as the match approaches.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, Ambassador Cretz said he was unhappy that the two sides were meeting very early in the World Cup and had wished the meeting was at a far-advanced stage of the competition.

While every American is hoping for the best, the outcome of this evening’s clash will have no effect on the bilateral relations between the two countries," he assured.


"Either way, one of us will be disappointed, but that will have no effect on the relationship between the USA and Ghana. Our relationship goes beyond sports.

"It is a competitive game and like in any competition, we want to win, but of course, we also recognise the fact that we can't be number one in everything.

"I liken this situation to a sports rivalry between the famous Williams Sisters, Venus and Serena, sometimes, they have to play each other. While the game is on, they are rivals but once it ends, there are no hard feelings, and they are back to being sisters again, Mr Cretz said.

As part of showing such support, a mini stadium will be created at his residence tonight where invited Ghanaian fans and American fans will watch the game.

"We are looking forward to a good game tonight and for those of us who could not go to Brazil, there will be an electrifying atmosphere at my residence as we cheer our teams on," Ambassador Cretz said.

Source: Graphic.com.gh
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