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Voodoo priest to â??bind legsâ?? of German star

A Brazilian voodoo priest has promised to curse Germany before the World Cup quarter-final on Tuesday.

Hosts Brazil face the Germans in Belo Horizonte, but if Helio Sillman has anything to do with it, Jogi Loew's side will have to not only deal with the Selecao, but black magic as well.

Sillman has promised to curse an unnamed German player to hamper his side's chances, performing a ritual in his 'World of Orixas' shop in the northern neighbourhood of Madureira involving a voodoo doll.

"I'll take their top player and bind his legs so he can't run on the pitch," Sillman told AFP.


He didn't specify which German player he would be cursing, so Toni Kroos, Mario Goetze, Thomas Mueller and Mesut Ozil had all better watch out.

Sillman has performed similar rituals before Brazil's other games in the tournament, although his curse of James Rodriguez couldn't prevent the Colombian star from scoring in their quarter-final.

The priest's curse also not prevent Neymar from missing the rest of the tournament with a fractured vertebra, but they have won four of their five games thus far, so perhaps he is indeed onto something.

Source: Eurosport

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