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Wizkid, Davido inspired a new generation of musicians - Ckay

Talented Afrobeats artiste, Ckay said that young musicians like him look up to big names in the industry like Davido and Wizkid for some inspiration.

He made this disclosure in an exclusive interview with MyNigeria.com.

The young artiste who seem to be a fanatic of the duo including Burna Boy and Don Jazzy said that these acts are icons.

“I look up to Wizkid because Wiz was the first Nigerian young artiste to be successful so I can safely say young people look up to both Wizkid and Davido. They are icons and Burna Boy is also an icon”, he said.

Asides his admiration for these artistes, he early on mentioned a number of foreign artists who inspired him to take on his music career.

Ckay said Chris Brown, Micheal Jackson, Back Street Boys, Westlife, Justin Bieber among others inspired him.

“I really liked chris brown a lot, Michael Jackson, Back Street Boys, Westlife. Justin Bieber, I liked him as as well because I was also young and at his age at the time," he said.

Then I started to like Kanye West as well and finding out that he was a producer made me like him more, if there is anybody I will like to be like, I would say it would be Kanye West and Drake.”

Ckay believes that the previous generation [Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy] contributed a lot in promoting Afrobeats and inspiring young artiste which has opened the path for him and others to also become successful.

“There are too many people who started this thing before us and they all inspired us to believe it was possible. I say to my friends that a lot of strives we the young generations are making, a lot of those things were kinda made easier by the work that the previous generation put in.

"I personally feel like the fact that Davido has a song in the united states and the fact that Wizkid had a dance and it was the number one dance, those definitely opened doors, those moves, the performances on big American stage, all the works open door for afrobeats and made more of like the international world pay more attention so big shout out to them.”

Watch video of the interview below:

Source: mynigeria.com