‘Assess the performance of your players and your tactics’ – Retired referee fires Kotoko coach

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Comment: ...retired referee fires Kotoko coach.

.Joey Boy.
2020-11-24 21:16:40
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‘Assess the performance of your players and your

I'm surprised at Attifu's response to Maxwell's assertion. I thought he was going to give a technical explanation to why Maxwell's pronouncement is wrong. Throughout the ninety minutes Maxwell never complained except this one.So if truly it was a mistake on the part of the referee , the fact that Maxwell didn't complain about any decision doesn't make it a right decision.
Another silly comment was that if the referee's decision was in his favour, would he have complained? Let me ask Attifu, whoever complains about a decision in his favour?
Please, the next time, some of us expect that you will come out with some technical explanations why the referee was right in awarding that kick and why Maxwell was wrong in criticizing his decsion and not these silly and childish retorts.

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.Joey Boy. on Nov 24, 2020 21:16
...retired referee fires Kotoko coach.