Soccer News Fri, 20 Jun 2014

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Opare injured at training

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Comment: Happy now Ghanaians?

Joe Canada
2014-06-20 02:13:09
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Opare injured at training

I guess those who have been hard on this boy are happy. it beats my mind how we chastise and insult people who have dedicated themselves to represent their country for making some mistakes. civilized countries would never do that. they encourage and motivate their kids no matter what, but what do we do?. insult upon insult bringing their morals down and putting fear in them. Ghanaians needs to change their attitude towards our players or those who represents us. First of all most of these players don't need to play for black stars to make their millions, they just want to play the game they love for their country. So guys, stop lambasting the players and the coach. if we want them to succeed, then we need to give them our support and love regardless. To me, these guys are our real heroes, not your stupid greedy bastard civil servants who keep stealing billion from the poor. win or lose they are heroes. and we must love them!!

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ONYAME NIPA (Man Of God) USA. on Jun 20, 2014 01:38
ONYAME NIPA (Man Of God) USA. on Jun 20, 2014 01:40
Joe Canada on Jun 20, 2014 02:13
Happy now Ghanaians?
mein- hollandalmere on Jun 20, 2014 05:03
They Say They Say on Jun 20, 2014 11:11