Nigerian federation voted out of office

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Comment: FABU!

2014-07-06 16:59:11
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Nigerian federation voted out of office

first of all we need to kick ISSA HAYATOU off the CAF seat, FIFA is corrupt from up to down, awarding QATAR world cup 2022 and later they came back and said it's a fraud, the match fixing by the GFA that they dont want to investigate, if FIFA is so wise, how can they let GFA fly cash to Brazil? if FIFA is so wise, why cant african representatives in the world cup pay their players before participating in the world cup finals? by the way where is the referee that handles the first game between BRAZIL / CROATIA? FIFA is so corrupt that me and you can't do nothing, it's time they (FIFA) let us alone, welldone NIGERIA.

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yaw on Jul 6, 16:59