Sports News Sun, 6 Jul 2014

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Nigerian federation voted out of office

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Comment: It Is African teams' Problem

Ama Badua
2014-07-06 17:53:29
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Nigerian federation voted out of office

I believe the entire mismanagement on the part of the officials of the Black-stars started from Ghana. The players should have launched their protest about their money before they left and I am sure Ghanaians would have backed them up 90%. It would have been appropriate for them to demand a large portion of their appearance checks before they flew to Brazil with the remaining payment due them upon their return. After all, the officials surely collected their daily allowances before they left; why not the players who were the important component of the entire trip to Brazil. What a mess!! This will not happen again if we react the way Nigeria has done. A similar situation might have occurred with the other African teams. It is not only Ghana and Nigeria that had team management problems. I did hear about what happened in the Cameroon soccer camp; I understand it was worst than Ghana's and it all began with their appearance money. As for the Nigerians, they were given firm promise by President Jonathan Goodluck to receive their money upon their return to Nigeria; I feel that quietened them a little;And they have started doing the right thing to solve their problems immediately they got out of the 2014. The Ivory Coast team was also giggling about their money. This was really African teams' issue. It all boils down to our corrupt approach to solving simple problems. Good luck to mother Africa

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Ama Badua on Jul 6, 17:53
It Is African teams' Problem