Most Ghana bouts are 'fixed' – Pappoe

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2016-09-19 22:06:52
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once again you're taliking about boxing about which you know nothing. It is true that from a marketing point of view certain fighters appeal to certain markets. But then again it's also to do with how popular a sport is in that market and how much money there is behind a prospect. so the fact that we are seeing more eastern european fighters on the scene is not because matches are fixed as you say which is a stupid thing to say, but because eastern european countries have opened up recently and there is ore market and fluidity. thand there are more millionaires, investors and rich folk around who back poor ufighters to get in the ring. so a business has boomed. those fighters then get more chances to go abroad and cmpete for titles and when they win, they reach championship level. I think you watch too manyold movies. the myth of matchfixing in boxing in the sophisticated markets is just that. a myth. but you say everything as fact when it's not fact!

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professional opinion on Sep 19, 2016 22:06