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Ghana-Congo draw: Stop the blame game – Arhinful

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Comment: We are ghana

2017-09-04 10:57:45
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Ghana-Congo draw: Stop the blame game – Arhinful

Good point arhinful. Much as we hurting sometimes being a graceful loser is better than being a sour one. A lot of it is i believe has got to do with the rush to appoint someone on nationalist basis rather than own their own merit, track record, vision for black stars and the game as manager. As for attack on individual players, it has been going a long time yet but i hope as asante say when the bullet is shot a man must step out. I hope some real ghana black star men with never say die kum apem attitude step out in the second leg criticisms or not else they will continued to be regarded as girls blouses. Step out men out if the boys please ghana black stars

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Maubs on Sep 4, 10:57