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Anas releases ‘receipts’ on Nyantakyi’s hotel, airfare bills

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Comment: Anas seeking public sympathy or what?

2018-06-19 13:25:01
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Re: Anas releases ‘receipts’ on Nyantakyi’s hote

Why Ana's wanted to get public sympathy by bringing out receipts and explaining issues after issues? Is he trying to cover up his corrupt practices? Anas is not an Angel so you idiots who are fighting for him should think twice, he is the same as people he Anas accused so is he a hero ?is he the only person fighting corruption in Ghana?hell no so why ,? Has anyone accused Mr Martin Amidu of any corruption issue?think twice and tell him to stop seeking public sympathy because at court is the laws that work not mass support

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Anas seeking public sympathy or what?
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