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Anas releases ‘receipts’ on Nyantakyi’s hotel, airfare bills

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Comment: Re: Anas releases ‘receipts’ on Nyantakyi’s hote

2018-06-19 14:09:58
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Anas releases ‘receipts’ on Nyantakyi’s hote

For whatever purposes n intentions behind Anas work, the BIG question is this; if the Kotoko supporters had charged and chaos erupts, stampede happened, people killed and injured like it happened on May 9th, all because of the Anas hidden influence and investigation, would Anas and his TigerEye come out to take blame for causing the whole episode?Anas is a crook and must be face the law.He is enriching himself with this investigation.Reliable sources say after paying referees to fix matches turn around to place huge sports bets on the games to make monies.the most asked question is why not give the video to the security agencies and after the person is proved guilty,one big problem outside Ghana is the perception of these whites about Ghanaians.Anas video is shown in buses in china,USA,Canada just to increase the perception that Ghanaians are dangerous people to live with.Anas is simply a greedy crook. Who is Anas,stopping corruption,his method will only stand in face of Ghana.The habit of corruptions can only be stop by rules and regulations.No where in the world had involving in crime ended another legalities what a sad country.kotoko supporters and management should sue Anas for causing them emotional distress when he paid referee sukah to make sure Hearts won their match against Kotoko which he did.they can seek damages for emotional distress and punitive damages too.hearts of oak too can sue Anas for damaging Hearts corporate brand as their team is now being seen as offering bribes to win its matches...one day this Anas will cause something in this country.

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Re: Anas releases ‘receipts’ on Nyantakyi’s hote
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