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Anas releases ‘receipts’ on Nyantakyi’s hotel, airfare bills

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Comment: Anas releases receipts

Kwabena in kwashieman
2018-06-21 16:54:16
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Anas releases ‘receipts’ on Nyantakyi’s hote

These are invoices and not receipts. An invoice is given out to a prospective customer with an intention to purchase a product or request for a service. A receipt, on the hand, reflects the evidence of the purchase of a product or the provision of a service. The papers released by Anas cannot be receipts of any transaction thereby indicating deceit on the public. The question now is how many of such dusts has Anas thrown into the eyes of the public?

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Kwabena in kwashieman on Jun 21, 2018 16:54
Anas releases receipts