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We still have money to sponsor Ghana Premier league - Zylofon Cash

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Comment: revenue sharing at gpl

ST GHFUO: is this the best you can do
2019-01-11 08:26:22
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We still have money to sponsor Ghana Premier leagu

REVENUE SHARING IN GPL: The bulk of the league's revenue will come from TV and radio broadcast deals. That income will be shared equally among all teams in the gpl. Income from licensing deals - everything from jerseys to posters to team-logo beer coolers – will also be shared evenly. Ticket revenue will be split using a slightly different formula: the home team keeps 60 percent of "the gate" for each game, while the visiting team gets 40 percent. Other sources of revenue - things like the sale of luxury boxes/vvip, stadium concessions and the like will not be shared, this will give teams in bigger markets like kotoko, hearts, wa, or with state-of-the-art arenas a significant edge in profitability. The league will set aside a percentage of revenue in a stadium fund, which will be used to match teams' investments in their sporting facilities. Second, there should be an additional "luxury tax" levied on high-revenue teams, with the receipts set to be distributed to the lower-revenue clubs.

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ST GHFUO: is this the best you can do on Jan 11, 2019 08:26
revenue sharing at gpl