39 contenders eye Somalia presidency

Voter 8 Somalians will go to the polls this Sunday

Sat, 14 May 2022 Source: theeastafrican.co.ke

Somalia will hold its presidential elections this Sunday, coming 15 months later than the original schedule of February 8, 2021.

This election has attracted the largest number of contenders in Somalia’s history.

According to a list publicised by the Somalia Parliamentary Taskforce on Presidential Elections, 39 candidates had entered the race by close of the deadline on Tuesday. Only one woman is in the race.

Below is the list of candidates:

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed

Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud

Dahir Mahamud Gelle

Abdikadir Osoble Ali

Abdullahi Ali Hassan

Jamaal Ibraahim Abdi

Adow Aali Gees

Mahamed Abdirahman Siriin

Omar Aabdukadir Ahmed

Jibril Ibrahim Abdule

Nucmaan Sheikh Tuurre

Thabit Abdi Mahamed

Abdirahman Abdishakur

Abdirahman Ablaal

Said Isse Mahamoud

Ahmed Geele Haaf

Mahad Ahmed Diriye

Mahamud Dahir Aweys

Abdiarim Hussein Guled

Abdinassir Abdull

Hassan Ali Khaire

Abdukadir Jahwayn

Ismaan Hassan Wehliye

Said Abdbdullahi Deni

Mohamed Amin Faarax

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo

Abdi Ali Hassan

Abdi Adan Hoosow

Mohamed Abdi Kuusow

Bashir Haji Ali

Abdirahman Mohamed

Ridwaan Hirsi Mohamed

Fawzia Yusuf Adam

Mukhtar Mohamed Said

Abdukadir Sheikh Ali Bagdadi

Sakariye Mahmud Haji

Dr Hussein Abdi Nunow

Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed

Abukar Adan Ade

Source: theeastafrican.co.ke