Africa News Thu, 25 Nov 2021

Africa must collapse borders, they were drawn by exploiters – Kenya President

African countries must remove borders separating countries from one another because borders are a holdover of her colonial past.

According to Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya, there was the need to urgently remove these borders if Africa was indeed committed to uniting and developing together.

“These borders that you create silos for yourselves amongst, you must always remember are not your creation, these were creations of people outside of this continent who made these borders not to develop you but to extract from you.

“Now that you want to develop yourself, we must start looking at these borders and we must start removing the barriers that we have put, that have defined us in the past and now, hinder us from being the giant that we should be,” he said whiles making comments business leaders meeting in South Africa.

Kenyatta completed a two-day official visit to the continental industrial giant on Wednesday where he met with his counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa and with members of the business community.

“I was telling my brother this morning the ridiculousness of our borders. We in Kenya have a border demarcated with on one side Tanzania, where the people who live on the border, the Maasai community, they were a nation once upon a time.

Now today they are Kenyans, they are Tanzanians and yet they are relatives but they live on two sides of a border. This is not proper,” he stressed.

South Africa’s far-left radical Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF, celebrated the comments by Kenyatta stating that the call to collapse borders was long overdue.

It has been stated that travelling via air across Africa is more difficult for Africans because of visa restrictions compared to nationals from other more developed countries.

Experts have warned that the African Free Trade Area stood to suffer if borders remained rigidly controlled by governments.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com