Alex Saab denies US corruption allegations against him

Alex Nain Saab Moran Alex Saab is a Venezuelan businessman

Mon, 21 Jun 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Venezuelan businessman, Alex Saab, who is currently being held in detention in Cape Verde has denied allegations that he has gained millions of dollars from undertaking fraudulent activities with support from the Nicholas Maduro-led regime in Venezuela.

The US has alleged that Alex Saab has gained over $100million following money laundering, fraudulent, and corruption activities especially in Venezuela aided by his close association to Maduro.

It is thus seeking to extradite him from the West African country to American soil.

But Alex Saab says that these claims are purely politically motivated and untrue.

In a recent CNN interview, he said “[The charges] are unfounded, purely political and artificially built."

He said those whose testimonies are being used to level the allegations against him have been influenced with US citizenship to discredit him.

"They are based on testimony provided by discredited witnesses who have been rewarded with US citizenships for their cooperation,” he added in the interview.

With Cape Verdean authorities cooperating with the US government to extradite the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab explained his displeasure and fears of being held in the US as the knowledge of the fact that he will be put under harsh conditions there.

Among other things, he said he will be put under forced interrogations, and cruel punishment while in the US.

"I will be exposed to forced interrogation techniques, to torture, poor treatment, an unfair trial, inhuman detention conditions, and cruel punishments," he said.

Regardless of these, he says that "I have faith in God and I know He will give me the strength to win.”

Alex Saab insisted that his arrest is illegal and politically motivated.

He says that the actions of the US in dealing with the matter only come to prove his innocence.

"The fact that they opted to sanction me confirms that they are telling the world they don't have any proof to support any accusation...It's why they can't label me as a criminal, but still seek to destroy my reputation," noted.

The embattled diplomat criticized the Cape Verdean government for its cooperation with the US on the matter.

“Cape Verde brags about the independence of its judicial system and boasts of being the leading bastion of democratic values in Africa, but actions speak louder than words," he stated.

Alex Saab has been in detention in Cape Verde since June 2020 when he was arrested there en route to Iran on a humanitarian mission for Venezuela.

His lawyers have since been working to stop the extradition process at various levels including the ECOWAS court and the courts in Cape Verde.

A counter-ruling giving a green light for his extradition was delivered by a Cape Verdean court in March this year, few days after the ECOWAS Court ordered Cape Verde to seize any such action because his arrest was illegal.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com