Gabon receives funds for its efforts against deforestation

Afforestation In Gabon Gabon is located in the heart of the tropical rainforest of central Africa

Tue, 22 Jun 2021 Source: angop.ao

Gabon has become the first African country to receive international funds to continue its efforts against deforestation in its territory covered by 90% of forest, announced this Tuesday, June 22 by the Environment minister, sighted by AFP.

"After the independent experts verified the results obtained by Gabon in terms of reducing deforestation and forest degradation, 17 million dollars were paid to compensate for the reductions made by Gabon in 2016 and 2017, in relation to levels from 2006 to 2015," says a statement from the Ministry.

The funds were delivered by the Central African Forest Initiative (IFAC), an organization created in 2015 by the UN, which brings together central African countries and major funders.

Gabonese forests “absorb a total of 140 million tonnes of CO2 every year. This is equivalent to the removal of 30 million vehicles from circulation in the world", writes the Gabonese Ministry of the Environment.

Gabon is located in the heart of the tropical rainforest of central Africa, called “the second lung of the planet”, after the Amazon.

The funds received will be devoted, in particular, to community forestry investments.

For several years now, the Gabonese authorities have been developing a relatively advanced conservation policy for central Africa.

The country has 13 national parks, which cover 11% of its territory, and 20 marine protected areas.

It is home to around 60% of the remaining forest elephants in Africa, recently inscribed on the endangered species list.

Source: angop.ao