Africa News Wed, 21 Apr 2021

Husband, boyfriend private spying service don start for Kano Nigeria

Di plan no be to cause fight between couples but na di first husband or boyfriend private spying service to start for Kano, northern Nigeria.

22 year-old-student Sulaiman Mohammed wey be CEO for Tall Yaro Express say last year e just siddon dey think of how e go take upgrade im delivery business when one idea enter im mind.

"I get many friends wey dey into tech services so I come think am say for times like dis wey partners want to dey know every move of dia better half, na opportunity for pesin to not only hammer but open doors for odas, I consult dem and dem give me thumps up.

"Dis na how I take start di boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband spying business for Kano about a month ago and so far I get 5 satisfied customers."

Di Agric student say dem no go tell you say your husband is 100 percent cheating.

"So wetin I dey do for my clients na after you give us lists of places wey your pesin dey visit, work and chill.

We go dey monitor am and dey give you feedback about wetin im dey do whenever you need."

"For example if you call say wia e dey now, we go tell you say e dey so and so restaurant with friends dey eat.

We dey try avoid drama so we no dey confam for you say your partner dey cheat or not, dat conclusion na for you to make."

Sulaiman say since e design new flyer for di business few days ago about 20 women don call am to show interest for di spying service.

"About 20 women call me in di last few days to show interest for dis spying service so na something wey get future for us wella."

Di problem wey dey dia for di innovator be say e neva get goment approval or licence to dey do wetin e dey do.

"For now I neva get goment approval but I dey hope say na something wey dem go allow to carry on since many kontris for di world allow registered private investigators."

Walida Sani tell BBC say she pay Sulaiman to spy on her boyfriend when she begin dey suspect am and she dey glad dat she do am.

"When I begin dey suspect my boyfriend movement and i hear about wetin Sulaiman dey do i talk to am come pay am to spy on my boyfriend, di money dey affordable and di whole work happun between 3 days."

"Na after di spying my mind rest say my boyfriend no dey cheat on me and for future i fit still use dis service when di need arise."

Kano state goment through Islamic police hisbah wey dey powerful for di state say wetin Sulaiman dey do without approval no dey right.

Di tok tok pesin for Hisbah Lawal Fagge yan say hisbah no go allow anything wey dey out of line with Islam to dey happun.

And if pipo write to dem about di activities of Sulaiman dem go investigate wetin im dey do. Fagge add.

"If pipo dey concerned about wetin im dey do dem fit write to us to investigate im activities but one thing dey clear, hisbah no go allow wetin islam no want to dey go on."

Sulaiman say e get 4 staff at di moment but dey hope say dem continue to grow as di business dey improve.

Source: www.bbc.com