I’m glad Nigerians are finally speaking up for change – Caramel Plugg

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Wed, 16 Jun 2021 Source: www.mynigeria.com

Comedienne and businesswoman, Ogechi Ukonu, popularly known as Caramel Plugg has expressed satisfaction in Nigeria's youth for holding leaders accountable.

According to her, the recent action taken by Nigerians is long overdue as the country desperately needs change.

Speaking in an interview with Nigeria's Ghana correspondent during her visit to the country, Caramel stated that so much is happening back home. She said Nigerians are facing a lot of difficulties including economic and insecurity challenges.

Caramel believes it is high time Nigerians fight for what they want, stressing that the government must change from its old way of doing things.

“There is a lot going on out there in Nigeria right now. We are going through so much in Nigeria and I feel like it's time that we decide to fight for what we want. It's time we decide to get up and want that change and we don’t want to be following the system the way it has always been so I’m happy that this is actually happening.”

Describing her works she noted that she is more of an entertainer and content creator. Adding that although her work is quite challenging and requires lots of energy, she sees herself as a naturally happy person.


Source: www.mynigeria.com