Israel undisclosed intentions to become an observer state in AU - Dr. Uri Davis cautioned

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Wed, 13 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Dr. Uri Davis, who is currently the Deputy Commissioner-General for Political affairs of the Palestine National Liberation Movement, “Fateh”, of International Relations Commission has cautioned African states who will be voting at the AU meeting to decide whether Israel becomes an observer state or not, to be wary of Israel undisclosed intentions.

As part of the laws of equity and natural justice, it is indicated that whoever comes with equity must come with clean hands.

The proposal for the assent of Israel as an observer state in the AU is highly inconsistent with the values and objectives required by members who are observer states in the AU.

The marks of colonialism on the African soil has since 1957 made Ghana and the rest of Arica still trying to find economic stability, a situation that made African once again liable to the adverse effect of neocolonial activities after independence.

The African Union would be seen working against its objectives to allow wardriving organizations and countries which are intolerant to justice and peace for all humankind, to become part of the AU observe mission.

Dr. Uri Davis in his earlier anthropological studies indicates that Apartheid South African has gone through the same challenges that the current Palestinians are going through in the hands of the Israeli people.

According to his earlier writings, Apartheid Palestine was not different from apartheid South Arica.

He noted that the role that Israel is playing in disturbing world peace in the middle east is of grave importance to the whole world and that it is of time that those who do not cherish love for mankind and to uphold the sovereignty of the nations around the world are not qualified to enforce the need for justice and equity in the maintenance of African unity, under AU, since they are in themselves intolerant to justice and peace, a necessity for progress and development in African, Palestine and the world at large.

Dr. Davis noted, just as black and white discrimination is going on in South Africa, so it is happening between Israel and Palestine as a result of the injustice and occupation of the land of Palestine by Israel since 1967.

Dr. Uri Davis, who is currently the Deputy Commissioner-General for Political affairs of the Palestine National Liberation Movement, “Fateh”, of International Relations Commission has turned his focus on Africa as a continent that has gone through similar experiences in the hands of foreigners to share sympathy on nations that are under the tyranny of others, by voting to reject the proposal of Israel to become an observer state in AU.

The general worry is the reluctance of Israel to come to the two-state agreement with Palestine in order to resolve the conflict after the recent attacks on Palestine by Israel leading to the loss of lives and properties.

This calls for worry with regards to the real intentions of Israel to become an overstate in AU.

Its taste for power and support base to further strengthen her apartheid activates on Palestine is not an understatement with regards to intentions to attain the status of observer state in AU.

Dr. Uri Davis is therefore taking time to Tour Africa to bring to the notice of African states of Israel’s undisclosed reasons for which it wants to become an observer state in AU.

On his tour to some five African states which include, Ghana, Gambia, Ethiopia, Senegal and Nigeria, Dr. Davis in a two-member delegation, was accompanied by Mrs kifah Harb to send the message across these five states.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com