It’s a must for every musician to be inspired by happenings around them – Ladipoe

Ladipoe Nigerian musician, Ladipoe

Mon, 28 Jun 2021 Source: etvghana.com

Nigerian musician, Ladipo Eso popularly known as Ladipoe, says it is important for every artist to be inspired by happenings around them.

He notes that drawing inspiration from current occurrences serves as a means of “documenting the times.”

Explaining further, he told Rev. Erskine on the Myd Morning Radio show: “As an artist, you are of the times that you live in and I feel like your music could carry love letters to the times that you are in. So, fast-forward 20 to30 years from now, when you listen to your music, you will say to yourself, "I remember when all these things were happening" and that is one of the roles of an artist; that is to document the times. So, there is the need to definitely draw inspirations from things happening around us.”

Speaking on the 'times' he lives in, he observes that African countries share some similarities. According to him, the continent finds difficulty in embracing change that will bring about development.

Narrowing the situation to his country, he expresses: “I feel that my country definitely needs to start to encourage and permit those who have the skills and the competencies to be in positions of power even though it’s not something that is widely seen.”

Ladipoe is widely known for his new jam tagged ‘Know You’ which features award-winning Nigerian vocalist, Simi.

Source: etvghana.com