Major shopping malls wey pipo bin looting and burning for South Africa Zuma riot

 119361565 Gettyimages 1233939882 1 Pipo bin looting and burning malls because of arrest of former presido Zuma

Fri, 16 Jul 2021 Source: www.bbc.com

Lootings and violent protests during di Zuma riots don land a heavy blow to South Africa efforts to rebuild dia economy.

Dis na ontop di coronavirus pandemic as protesters set shops on fire, loot malls, destroy properties.

Ova 208 incident of shopping mall looting and vandalism na im pipo don report and ova 72 pipo don die for di Zuma riots across South Africa.

Di widespread looting and social unrest wey follow di imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma don scatter business confidence.

Violence start for eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal afta demsend Zuma go prison on July 7 to begin 15-month sentence for contempt of court.

Di violence quickly spread to di kontri commercial capital, Gauteng.

Di Supporters of di former president wey dey, demand im immediate release, set barricade for roads.

Dis come force standstill on economic activities for di region as dem set properties on fire, loot shops and destroy malls.

South Africa Zuma riot: List of Malls looting

Property group Resilient confam for reports, wey local tori pipo for News24 write, say two out of dia 28 shopping centres dey damaged.

Resillient na im get shopping malls including Mall of di North, Limpopo Mall and Irene Village.

Dem say Jabulani Mall for Soweto and Mams Mall for Mamelodi - don dey damage for di recent riots.

On Monday, dem hijack one garbage truck owned by Pikitup.

Pikitup na waste management service provider to Johannesburg City and dem use am break through di perimeter gates of Jabulani Mall.

For Mams Mall, dem breach di perimeter and dem partially loot a number of shops before police later stop dem.

SA Corporate Real Estate Limited tok inside one notice to shareholders on Tuesday say 11 of dia properties dey damaged owing to unrest for KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Affected properties for KwaZulu-Natal include Umlazi Mega City.

And one adjacent property, Springfield Value Mart, plus Pine Walk Centre and Davenport Square.

For Gauteng, di affected properties include Hayani, Johannesburg Shopping Centre andKhan Corner.

Normandie Court, Queens Court, Springbok and Greatermans also dey affected..

Tower Property Fund also issue one shareholder notice dey indicate say dia Evagold Shopping Centre for Gauteng dey affected.

"Despite precautionary measures, Tower Evagold Shopping Centre for Gauteng don dey significantly damaged.

Na "as a result of being looted and then set on fire." Dem tok.

Dis move don stop key trade routes and businesses from banks and supermarkets to small-time traders to quickly close dia doors.

Wetin fit happun next?

Food shortages and security concerns

Di situation for KwaZulu-Natal and large parts of Gauteng dey very serious, even if di looting dies down.

Di unrest don break supply food chain, di ports don dey compromised.

Many small businesses don go under. Scarce jobs don dey lost.

Looters don clear di malls and dem damage and destroy infrastructures.

Pipo don dey stock-pile food, dem don begin ration petrol and communities don become distrustful almost overnight.

One pesin wey follow BBC tok say:

"Middle-class people like me now face shortages.

On Tuesday, I no fit get bread and milk until I become aware, through our neighbourhood WhatsApp group, of one community organisation wey dey give out food

I bin go dia hall. We had to queue, and dem give each pesin two loaves of bread and one litre of milk.

I no sabi wia dem get di stocks from but dem give out 8,000 loaves. Today [Wednesday], dem no get any."

There are also fears of fuel shortages - something wey most South Africans neva experience before for dia lives.

"For my petrol station, only one pump dey open. long queues dey. I get half a tank of petrol left," he add.

For some other Durban neighbourhoods e bin get violent confrontations, wit large numbers of looters managing to raid shops and some homes before armed residents open fire, force dem to retreat.

Dem shoot some of dem.

Local leaders from both communities step in to negotiate a "no looting; no shooting" agreement,

Dem hope say dis move go prevent a further escalation of conflict and help restore stability for di kontri shaken by di unrest.

Goment deploy more security forces

To curb di widespread looting and violence for di provinces of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal wia di serious looting, burnings dey happun, SA goment don call for di deployment of 25,000 defence forces.

Dem call on di reserve members of di army to report to dia unit on Thursday wit dia equipments.

On Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa bin order di deployment of 2,500 soldiers to help police contain di riots, but for many e don dey too late.

Business owners - some wit no insurance - don dey wit no income afta dem ransack dia shops and burn am.

Communities for other parts of South Africa don come together, to try to raise funds to help dem rebuild dia lives.

But e no go be easy task for country wia di economy - already reeling from di coronavirus pandemic - dey in deep crisis.

E don ;lead to fears of further job loss in a kontri wia more than 32% of di workforce dey unemployed.

Source: www.bbc.com