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Meet de people from Ghana who eat cats and dogs

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Sat, 11 Sep 2021 Source:

Miaaaw, woof-woof be de notable sounds cats and dogs dey make across from homes across de world.

For most people, dis animals be pets wey dey serve as companions for homes, but for some Ghanaians dis animals be special delicacy.

"Joseph" de popular name for cat meat in Ghana

De people of de Volta Region for Ghana dey consider cat meat, affectionately called "Joseph" as special delicacy.

E no clear why de name Joseph, but for de cat meat consumers dis meat be very special sake of de taste.

De consumption of cat by people of Volta region be common knowledge among Ghanaians such that sometimes people dey pass bad jokes occasionally about how cats be scarce to find in those parts of Ghana.

But most of de consumers dey raise dis cats specifically for meat purpose just like chicken, goat or cattle.

De cat meat usually be feature inside pepper soup which dey go with gari or eba.

Over time, popular cat meat joints develop where women dey prepare cat meat inside soup for sale on de streets.

How dog meat be popular for northern and eastern region

In northern parts of Ghana, de Frafra and Dagaaba ethnic groups be two of de popular tribes wey dey consume dog meat.

Dis tribes even get tribal games where de winner of a game go take home de dog head as trophy.

De presence of dog market dey give credence to de buzz around delicacy.

Dog eaters dey visit de Bolga Dog Meat Market where people dey sell fresh dog meat.

Some others dey sell live dogs which dem dey kill once patrons make de purchase for average Ghc150.

For dis people, contrary to de negative ideas around dog meat, dem believe say people no for discriminate between what dem dey eat and what others de eat.

Sake of how special de meat dey, sometimes dem dey serve de dog meat for wedding den ceremonies.

Risk of rabies, tuberculosis from dog and cat meat

Health activists sometimes raise concerns around de risk of contracting diseases like rabies from infected dogs.

Meanwhile, doctors also warn say both cat and dog fit infect de meat eaters with tuberculosis.

But dis concern no really discourage people from consuming de meat as special delicacy.

Animal rights activists call for ban

International Animal Rights Activist, Natasha Choolun, dis week petition Government of Ghana to ban and consumption of cat and dog meat.

"Dogs den cats no be food, but loyal companion animals which we for treat with kindness den respect, not brutalized and eaten" she add.

De petition received mixed reactions , but generally de consumption of dis delicacy dey give meaning to de popular saying "one man's meat be another man's poison."

So if you want try cat meat or dog meat, you for visit Ghana.

African countries who dey eat dog and cat meat

While some countries for Africa no dey consume dog meat, others like Uganda dey arrest people who dey kill dog for consumption.

But other African countries like Ghana dey consume dog meat.

In Nigeria, de people of Calabar who dey Cross River State and others for Ondo State dey chop dog meat.

West African neighbour, Liberia also dey eat both dog den cat meat as part of meats wey people dey buy for market.

Some health advocates even blame de consumption of dog meat for de continuous spread of Ebola for Liberia.

Other places like Democratic Republic of Congo also get groups of people who dey eat dog meat as delicacy.

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