Multichoice Nigeria: DSTV tax dodging palava as goment freeze dema accounts

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Thu, 8 Jul 2021 Source: www.bbc.com

MultiChoice Nigeria di operators of DSTV and GoTV don get series of issues of public concern, recently

Latest issue na say Nigeria goment freeze di bank accounts of di entertainment company onto say dem dodge to pay tax.

Tori be say Nigeria goment dey use some local commercial banks to try recover up to N1.8 trillion ($4.4bn) from MultiChoice Nigeria.

Di Executive Chairman of di kontri Federal Inland Revenue Service [FIRS], Muhammed Nami, say:

'MultiChoice Nigeria, di owners of DSTV and GoTV bin dey dodge to pay tax.

'Plus no gree tok how many customers dem get or how much money dem dey make.'

FIRS say say di company dey make more than one quarter of dia profit from Nigeria.

Yet, MultiChoice no wan allow dem get access to dia servers so dem go fit do audit, Nigeria federal tax agency add.

Multichoice Nigeria, for dia response, say dem neva receive any notice from di Nigeria Federal Inland Revenue, say dem freeze dia accounts.

Tok tok pesin for MultiChoice Nigeria, Caroline Ogbuma say:

Even though dem neva receive any notification, di company "respect and dey confortable say dem dey comply wit di tax laws of Nigeria."

Ogbuma add say dem dey currently discuss wit FIRS and believe say dem go solve di mata witout wahala.

Multichoice Nigeria: Oda times DSTV/GoTV get issues wit public

High price charge for subscription

For June 2020 di House of Representatives begin investigate di activities of MultiChoice Nigeria.

Dat time na sake of di high amount wey dem dey charge dia customers and say dem refuse to charge pay-per-view or pay-as-you-watch.

For di middle of di coronavirus pandemic, di company increase moni wey dem dey charge customers and dis make many Nigerians begin hala.

But di chief executive officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe, say dem no increase moni, dem only implement di new Value Added Tax wey goment mandate dem to collect.

And for di pay-per-view mata, di company bin say:

"We dey fully committed to di full implementation of di PAYG, PPV and pay per watch (PPW) model in di kontri."

Court case wit Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria

Lagos Division of di Court of Appeal bin find MultiChoice Nigeria, guilty of copy right infringement or for using music witout di owner permission.

Court order di company to pay Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria N5.4 billion for damages on May 29.

Di Nigeria copyright society bin cari entertainment company go court for broadcasting dia music on Tv witout licence or any kain of payment.

Di satelight TV operators attempt to appeal fail.

Court case for 2018 sake of price increase

For July 2018, MultiChoice Nigeria increase im prices by 7.5%.

Di decision make di Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission cari dem go court on behalf of di Nigeria goment, afta dem refuse to obey di commission order to go back to former price.

Dat time, di Federal High Court judge for Abuja give order make stop any increase at di interim.

Source: www.bbc.com