Another popular Nigerian pastor dies

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Comment: Receive Jesus and live

2021-06-09 23:54:46
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there is only one true god and its alla

Poor soul.
"Where is Allah?". You will say paradise or heaven! Is it that paradise where Muslims will be going to recline of seats and service 72 Virgins with desirable passages, large round eyes and transparent bodies?
Where no man will admitted unless he is wedded to the 72 Virgins, and his penis will never become flaccid ( eternal erection)? Where then will the moslem women be?
You have been deceived!

Do you really believe you will get 72virgins , with your penis never becoming flaccid to service them?

Well, if it's will be so, then Allah will be very lonely without anyone to relate to, since he doesn't have a wife and all his subjects are busy servicing women.
Now here this!
You need to be washed with the blood of Jesus Christ. If you don't receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are lost and are on the way to hell.
The testimony is this:God has given us eternal life, and this life has its source in his Son. Whoever has the son has this life; whoever does not have the son of God have not life. Jesus is the Truth, the way and the Life. Receive him now and live!

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Roy on Jun 9, 23:54