We are in depressing times in Nigeria – Kate Henshaw

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2021-06-11 08:32:47
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We are in depressing times in Nigeria – Kate Hen

Yes we have to "keep it on" Twitter. kate Henshew you are right, truly Nigerians are depressed with the state of our nation, i believe Nigeria is at it peak of collateral damage, the question is, can we survive this?. It seems am asking a rhetoric question, if there's one thing i believe is the law if diminishing returns in economics, no matter the level the situation of Nigeria get to, it will surely come down to normalcy someday because, violence can never be sustained forever at its very peak continuously. But, what we cannot phantom is the level of destruction of lives and properties during the trying times while it lasted. We look up to God, as we fight daily to overcome the evil that has befallen Nigeria, we will not relent until we eliminate every bad elements and force them to give up their ways for a better Nigeria. Evil cannot prevail forever, it is only for a moment. Rise up Nigerians and support anyone in the forefront ( The Army, Airforce, Navy, Police, DSS, NSCDC, Immigration, Vigilante) in the battle to restore the nation Nigeria to her rightful place, it is not an easy task, because these bad elements given Nigeria bad name are also in the government, Security organisations, greedy politicians, bad Nigeria citizens themselves, and bad citizens from foreign countries who take advantage of our porous borders.

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Abah-fada on Jun 11, 2021 08:32
Re: We are in depressing times in Nigeria – Kate H