Jamaican becomes first Black woman to get PhD In Nuclear Engineering at US varsity

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Comment: Critical Thinking, Folks!

2021-09-29 05:33:01
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Jamaican becomes first Black woman to get PhD In N

So, has anyone here followed the source of this article?

Read carefully: this lady graduated with a BS in 2017, started her PhD in 2018 -- whether it was in the Summer or Fall of that year....and in about 3 years or less, she's graduated ...with a degree in Nuclear Engineering?

A PhD in this field doesn't take 3 years or less, folks! How long did it take her to take the doctoral qualifiers? Did she complete any dissertation? What did she focus on in the field of nuclear engineering?

This story, albeit looks great superficially, is littered with a plethora of red-penciled craters that need explanation; otherwise, simply treat this news with the contempt it deserves.

In as much as I applaud the young lady for her guts and effort at pursuing her dream to make blacks proud, this story is just cheap propaganda that must be jettisoned due to its patent lies! SMH!

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maka on Sep 29, 2021 05:33