Meet Benedicta Kwartemaa: The OKESS sprinting princess

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Comment: Tv coverage

ST. GHFUO: street names, #bldgs
2021-04-19 23:14:51
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Meet Benedicta Kwartemaa: The OKESS sprinting prin

No tv coverage for any of the meets she entered into? Thee are other track meets going on in other African nations open to all athletes. Send her there to compete with international athletes. If she can get a scholarship to study in America great. If not let her go to college in Gh n continue running. Participating in African competition in s Africa, Nigeria, kenya, morocco n the more exposed you are the better you will be. She needs a corporate soondir but because these local gh events don't have media coverage from tv3 or joy or gtv who will see her? How can you have such events without tv coverage are you stupid?

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ST. GHFUO: street names, #bldgs on Apr 19, 2021 23:14