Gadayi wins Cape Coast GNPC Ghana Fastest

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Comment: useless event

ST. GHFUO: is this the best you can d
2018-05-29 08:15:15
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Gadayi wins Cape Coast GNPC Ghana Fastest

what is the purpose of this silly meet? we have shs regional competitions. u pick the top 3 from each region to run the national shs n get scoute from the various universities n polys etc to send their scouts there n rward track scholarships for the best athltes. these athletes will then be groomed to represent the country at olympics etc. those that are too good to stay in gh can apply for sch opportunitis overseas with premier or div schs like the jamaicans etc are doing. so i dont understand what the purpose of this gh fastest event. what do u do with these winners? do u help them get educational sch in gh or overseas? how are u helping them elevate?

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