Music Fri, 11 Sep 2020

Lippy features K-Hi Bangit, Trendz on ‘Desire’

Ghanaian Afrobeat artiste, Lippy has released a new song along with its music video titled, ‘Desire’.

The song features fellow label mate, KHi Bangit and Trendz.

‘Desire’ focuses on the daily struggles in life and the dream of achieving what one wishes life to be for them and yet, the obstacles that tests our faithfulness and zeal to persevere until our dreams become a reality in spite of life’s challenges.

The song is available on Spotify, Amazon music, iTunes music, Shazam, indie sounds, a few to mention.

He has other songs like ‘exgirl’, ‘give am’, ‘body go lo’, etc.

Listen to ‘Desire’ below:

Source: Ama Larbie, Contributor