Why Ghanaian men don’t like my ‘Posti Me’ song - Akwaboah explains

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Comment: Re: Why Ghanaian men don’t like my ‘Posti Me’ so

Seriously Speaking
2020-09-07 03:54:12
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Why Ghanaian men don’t like my ‘Posti Me’ so

I'm very disappointed with Akwaboah because this cool and dope melody and grovy beat should have been used to very good lyrics, but rather, he has wasted it to wack lyrics and useless thing like posti me. I am a dope song writer, so when I hear such a good melody and beat being wasted, I get angry. I wish he sold the melody to me, I would have made a song in English, and it would have won international acclaim. Ghanaians we think too local!!! Akwaboah, I know you will read this. You can do better. I really think you should sing gospel, and give up the fame and lustful songs/ boyfriend/girlfriend songs.

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