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Ayman al-Zawahiri profile: Who be al-Qaeda leader US kill?

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Tue, 2 Aug 2022 Source: BBC

America don kill di leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, inside one drone strike for Afghanistan, President Joe Biden don confam.

Dem kill am inside counter-terrorism operation wey di CIA carri out for di Afghan capital of Kabul on Sunday.

Mr Biden say Zawahiri bin don "commit murder and violence against American citizens".

"Now justice don dey delivered and dis terrorist leader is no more," e add.

Zawahiri take over al-Qaeda afta di death of Osama Bin Laden for 2011. E and Bin Laden plan di the 9/11 attacks togeda and e be one of di US "most wanted terrorists".

Officials say Zawahiri bin dey for balcony of one safe house wen di drone fire two missiles at am.

Oda family members bin present, but dem no harm dem and only Zawahiri dem kill for di attack, dem add.

Who was Ayman al-Zawahiri?

Mr Biden say e give di final approval for di "precision strike" on di 71-year-old al-Qaeda leader afta months of bplanning.

Im killing go bring closure to families of di nearly 3,000 victims of di 2001 attacks, Mr Biden add.

"No mata how long e take, no mata wia you hide, if you be threat to our pipo, America go find you and take you out," Mr Biden tok as e add say "we shall never stop from defending our nation and im pio".

Dem dey refer to Ayman al-Zawahiri as di chief ideologue of al-Qaeda.

E be eye surgeon wey epp found di Egyptian Islamic Jihad militant group, e take over di leadership of al-Qaeda following di killing by US forces of Osama Bin Laden for May 2011.

Before dat, Zawahiri dey considered Bin Laden right-hand man and some experts believe say na im be di "operational brains" behind di 11 September 2001 attacks for di United States.

Zawahiri was number two - behind only Bin Laden - in the 22 "most wanted terrorists" list announced by the US government in 2001 and had a $25m (£16m) bounty on his head.

In di years afta di attacks, Zawahiri emerge as al-Qaeda most prominent spokesman, e appear in 16 videos and audiotapes in 2007 - four times as many as Bin Laden - as di group triy to radicalise and recruit Muslims around di world.

Im killing for last weekend attack in Kabul no be di first time US bin try to target Zawahiri.

For January 2006, e be di target of one US missile strike near Pakistan border with Afghanistan.

Di attack kill four al-Qaeda members, but Zawahiri survive and appear on video two weeks later, dey warn US President George W Bush say neither im nor "all di powers on earth" fit bring im death "one second closer".

Source: BBC
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