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Ghana Church reply pipo wey say dem collect socialite Moesha Boduong cars & properties

 119388637 Image 158 1.png Maurecia Babiinoti Boduong Alias Moesha Boduong be actress and model

Thu, 15 Jul 2021 Source: BBC

Revelation Church International don reply pipo wey dey claim say dem collect di properties of Ghana actress and model, Maurecia Babiinoti Boduong Alias Moesha Boduong afta she say she don "repent."

Di church tok dis one afta one viral video wia Moesha bin try to jump off one building and begin tell pipo around say 'she no get any money now for her account and she don give out everytin wey she get.'

Dis viral video come make some celebs plus fans of Moesha dey call out di church wia she go 'give her life to Christ.'

But for one statement, di leadership of di Revelation Church say dem don take note of various comments and remarks wey dey spread for social media concerning dia sister in Christ Maurecia Boduong.

"We go like to categorically state say at no time wey Maurecia or any member of her family give any properties, cars or sale proceeds to either di lead Pastor or di Church. Dis dey verifiable and any oda claim na big from di pit of hell."

"Ordinarily, di church for no respond as our focus dey for her recovery and wholeness. Dis response don become important to set di record straight." di Church add.

Some weeks ago report come out say Moesha and some of her friends carry waka go one church for Ghana where she give her life to Christ and abandon all di worldly things behind her.

Revelation Church International tok dia relationship with Moesha Boduong

Revelation Church International say as soon as dem hear di news of di viral video, dem immediately gada resources and escort Moesha from di scene then carry her go house.

"We spend di next day dey pray with her alongside some of her family members."

"And afta tok-tok with her and with her family consent, we carry her go safe and private place on Tuesday 13th July, away from distractions so dat she go quick recover and na di church pay for all dis."

Di church add say on Wednesday 14 July, her family members take decision to carry her back home and she currently dey under dia care.

"We dey for di middle of our weekly service wen dem call to informate us of dis development and we respect dia decision."

Concerning weda dem give Moesha Boduong something t drink or eat, Revelation Church International reply say nothing like dat.

"Di church neva give Maurecia anything to eat or drink as some certain pipo dey claim. Dis kind careless statement dey equal to defamation and we go treat am with di seriousness wey e deserve including legal action if e dey necessary. "

"All di church don do since Maurecia come to worship with us for di first time 6 weeks ago na to consistently show her di love of Jesus Christ. Dis na di code of our assignment as a community.

Di church later come conclude say dem dey committed to continue to dey show 'God love' to dia dear sister Maurecia through serious prayer, care and support for every way dem fit.

Source: BBC
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