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Ghana govment sell Achimota Forest reserve? - Dis be what we know

Ghana's Presidency3.png Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor say govment no sell Achimota Forest

Wed, 18 May 2022 Source: BBC

Ghana govment deny claims say dem sell Achimota Forest reverse after massive criticism from some citizens.

Dis be after leaked document which dey show say President Akufo-Addo sign document make dem release parts of de forest to one family.

But according to Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor say govment no sell Achimota Forest.

"Achimota Forest no dey on sale wey we no go sell am" he write for en official Facebook page.

What be de document Prez Akufo-Addo sign?

According to govment, contrary to rumors say dem sell Achimota Forest reserve, dem only release parts of de forest to de original owners.

Dis be after de family petition various govments over de years to release de land to dem sake of e no dey in use.

Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Samuel Jinapor explain say President Akufo-Addo sign Executive Instrument, E.I. 144 to release some portion of de forest reserve to de custodial owners dem identify as Owoo family.

Why people dey oppose de declassification of portions of Achimota Forest

Ghanaians who dey oppose de move by govment say de decision by President Akufo-Addo to declassify de forest dey end de reserve status of portions of de forest.

Policy analyst, Bright Simons explain say "if govment no go ahead with declassification, de Owoo family no go fit legally develop de land for anything except reserve-compatible uses."

He explain say until 2016, de reserve classification preserved about 80% of de forest cover despite encroachment.

According to Mr Simons, govment dey neglect de key issues dey talk about land sale.

Rather, he dey question "why govment make busy with declassification to allow for landuse incompatible with de forest reserve status of de area."

"What be really needed be sound policy den investment to make de area de ecological lungs den heart of Accra?" he ask.

Despite de opposition to de move by govment, some Ghanaians feel say e no be out of place for govment to release parts of Achimota Forest lands back to de Owoo family.

What go happen to de parts of de forest reserve govment declassify?

So what go happen now after President Akufo-Addo declassify parts of de forest reserve.

With de latest E.I. 144 document wey President Akufo-Addo sign, e mean say effective May 1, 2022 de new owners of de land go fit develop de land for purposes which no be compatible with forest reserve status of de area.

New owners go fit redesign, reclassify, sell to private developers and other private interests like offces, estates den den things.

If President Akufo-Addo no sign dis E.I 144 instrument, like de Owoo family go only develop de portion of land dem release to dem for forest reserve den ecologically friendly purposes.

What make of Achimota first reserve dey important

Forest reserve generally dey mean forest wey dey under protection against unauthorized usage by individuals and groups of individuals for tins like hunting, poaching, building homes and shopping malls.

Such reserves usually dey enjoy protection under under de laws of a particular country.

Dis be some of de benefits Achimota Forest dey give Ghanaians.

- One ecological benefit be de protection of species from extinction

- Maintenance of animal species which go allow wild animals, birds den tins to live inside natural habitat

- Reservoir of medicinal plants sake of Forest reserves dey play important roles in preserving plants then herbs which get medical benefits

- Revenue from tourism be one of de benefits of forest reserve

- E dey promote clean energy through Environmental quality den human health.

- Reduction in radiation levels by increasing green house gasses

- Improvements in air and water quality, richer terrestrial and aquatic habitat, cooler air temperatures

Source: BBC
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