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Moesha Boduong: Ghana celebs react as popular socialite accept Jesus, cry for forgiveness

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Tue, 13 Jul 2021 Source: BBC

Ghana actress and model, Maurecia Babiinoti Boduong Alias Moesha Boduong don make plenti of fans and celebs dey worry afta one viral video show say she bin try to kill hersef.

For di viral video, Moesha dey on top of one building where she dey complain about di kind of life she bin don live in di past and she begin dey beg for forgiveness for her sins.

"Friday to Sunday, I dey night club na life be dat? I go dey drink, smoke and dey party, dat na all I dey do. I become worthless.

"All di tins wey I want to do for mysef I no fit do am, all I dey think be say make I just go with a married man," Moesha tell di pipo wey try to stop her from jumping from di roof of di building."

"So you see is dat di life, God get purpose for all of us...So all I want to say be say, I dey sorry Ghana."

"I dey sorry for all di girls wey i introduce to men, may God forgive me for my sins. Thank you all for trying to safe me from trying to kill myself."

"I stand here and I wanted to kill mysef, I wanted to jump off from di building and dis guys safe me. Wen you give your life to Christ, e no dey as easy as you think. I think say giving my life to Christ go dey easy but no be so. Because of di sins wey we don do in di past and di pipo we don be with, di world get different tins all around.

Moesha continue to dey tok to di pipo wey come around to stop her from jumping off di building.

Some weeks ago report come out say Moesha and some of her friends carry waka go one church for Ghana where she give her life to Christ and abandon all di worldly things behind her.

How Ghana Celeb don react?

Meanwhile some celeb for Ghana don begin dey call for help for Moesha afta di recent viral video.

Actress, Rosemond Brown alias Akuapem Poloo post for her Instagram say; "please our sister Moesha need us now"

"I see dat my sister don pass through a lot and she need help. where di pipo for di video wey I see last week wey she say she don dey fellowship with one church. Make dis pipo keep eye on her, visit her always and visit her always. Make dem no leave her to waka alone for street.

"Only God know wetin dey happen to our sister. We love her she be our sister make we no sit down to wait until something bad happun..."

Former big brother Africa housemate Elikem Kumordzie say Moesha fit dey go through mental health challenge and make pipo stop to dey criticise her.

"Moesha fit dey go through mental health challenge, we fit stop to dey criticise her and pray for her. E fit happun to anyone, depression dey close to everybody or even case of schizophrenia. I love you Mo and I go see wetin I fit do to help."

Controversy wey involve Moesha

Moesha bin trend for social media for 2018 afta she tell Christiane Amanpour from CNN say Ghanaian economy dey so hard for women so dem gatz to dey sleep with married men to survive.

"Our econony for ghana dey such in a way you just need someone to take care of you" Moesha tok during di interview

"you no fit make enof money as a woman here, because even wen you wan get apartment for Ghana, you need to pay two years in advance and Ijust start to dey work, wia i go for get money to pay apartment fo two years."

Amanpour come ask her say if she dey sleep with the married man just because she want am to pay for her rent and moesha reply say;

"Because e fit afford to take care of you, E dey take care of me, my financial stuffs, my apartment, my car, my rent, everything."

Afta di interview, Plenti pipo for Ghana and around di world come begin criticize Moesha for saying dis while Christiane Amanpour speak out to defend her.

Later dat same year Moesha come apologise for di statement wey she make during di CNN interview.

Source: BBC
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