Nigeria Bureau of Statistics reveal how Nigerians dey spend more money on transportation

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Thu, 28 Apr 2022 Source: www.bbc.com

One new report wey di National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) drop don tok say Nigerians pay more moni for transport fare for March dan di previous month across different parts of di kontri.

NBS drop dis one for inside one report about transport moni, wey im title be 'Transport Fare Watch (MARCH 2022)'.

Dis na as state goment still dey struggle to pay minimum wage of N30,000 naira wey federal goment announce since 2019.

Di report tok about all aspect of transport like bus journey witin di city per drop. Intercity, state route, charge per pesin; airfare charge for routes single journey; journey by motorcycle, wey pipo sabi as okada, and waterway passenger transport.

Consumer inflation wey rise for February afta one fuel shortage gbege bin burst dat time helep push up di price.

Di incident bin cause serious queues for filling station for weeks, and e make pipo begin find desperate option to fit get fuel.

How much be transport moni per routes?

Di report say di average transport moni wey air passengers for particular routes single journey, bin rise by 4.43 per cent for month-on-month from N44,825.04 for February 2022 to N 46,810.62 for March 2022".

"For year-on-year, di fare bin rise by 28.26 per cent (N36,495.41) for March 2021.

"Di average moni wey pipo wey dey do bus journey intercity per drop dey pay bin rise to N3,270.94 for March 2022, dis one show increase of 5.29 per cent for month-on-month if we compare am to di value of N3,106.72 for February 2022.

Di moni, rise by 35.65 per cent (N2,411.29) for year-on-year, for March 2021."

Di average moni wey passengers pay for bus journey within di city per drop, di report show say e increase by 4.41 per cent for month-on-month from N513.72 for February 2022 to N536.35 for March 2022.

Di average moni wey passengers pay for bus journeys inside city per drop bin rise by 42.17 per cent from N 377.27 for March 2021 to N536.35 for March 2022.

"For another category, di average moni wey pipo wey dey journey by motorcycle pay per drop bin increase by 4.22 per cent for month-on-month from N379.12 for February 2022 to N395.12 for March 2022," di report add.

"Also, for evri year, di moni bin rise by 45.57 percent from N 271.44 for March 2021 to N395.12 for March 2022.

"Di average moni for water transport (waterway passenger transport) for March 2022 bin drop to N890.03 as e show decrease of 2.53 per cent for month-on-month from N 913.13 for February 2022. On year-on-year, di fare bin rise by 10.10 per cent from N 808.38 for March 2021 to N890.03 for March 2022."

Fuel scarcity and pump price increase sef dey there

Since February 2022 wey Nigeria petroleum company NNPC bin carry bad fuel enter di kontri, kontri pipo never see one ogbonge relief from di kasala wey di error cause.

Di shortage na im helep sky rocket transport moni and dis one don dey affect price of goods and commodities.

Meanwhile, sabi pipo say more global increase for fuel price still dey come sake of di war wey currently dey shelle between Russia and Ukraine.

Nigeria wey be Africa largest oil producer still dey rely wella on imported fuel sake of refinery wey no work and inflation rate don already rise to 15.7%.

Di current price of petrol be N162/163 per litre for most major petrol stations and independent marketers dey sell am for N165/litre.

Despite plenti promises wey NNPC bin give say dem go end di shortage, e still never show as transport moni still dey go up.

Minimum wage versus transport money

On Wednesday, October 23, 2019, Federal Government afta plenti meetings wit di Nigeria Labour Congress finally announce to start to pay N30, 000 minimum wage to im workers.

Around November last year, di Federal Government through di Chairman National Salaries, Incomes and wages Commission, Ekpo Nta say dem go soon begin monitor implementation of di National Minimum Wage Act 2019, wey increase di minimum wage for Nigeria worker from N18,000 to N30,000.

Ekpo Nta, bin tok for one news conference for Abuja say dem go be interagency collaboration wey go gather evidence of compliance and wahala wey workers dey faceso dem go fit advise all employers, including goments at all levels.

Dis one mean say as at late last year no be all Nigerian workers don dey receive di N30,000 minimum wage moni. Yet price of commodity for market continue to rise.

Pipo wey dey affected pass for dis transport moni increase be low income earners wey dey yet to receive N30,000 minimum wage from di goment.

Wetin be di Minimum wage for oda kontris?Nigeria minimum wage be N30,000 ($72) per month.

Di minimum wage for Ghana change for January 01 2022 from 12.53 cedis to 13.53 cedis per day.Di United Kingdom National minimum wage from April first 2022 be £9.50 from 2021 £8.9 per hour, e rise by 6.6%.Di United States minimum wage dis year be $7.25per hour.

Source: www.bbc.com
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