COVID-19 is still with us, don’t joke with it – GMA

Fri, 20 Nov 2020 Source: Ghana Celebrities

Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) Dr Frank Serebour, has bemoaned the lack of adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols.

He is worried Ghana could face serious issues if Ghanaians fail to adhere to the protocols.

The GMA, he hinted, is currently organising campaigns and public awareness events to make Ghanaians adhere to the protocols.

Commenting on the mini rallies and political walks organised by the political parties, he said the situation is worrying.

He, however, disclosed that data available does not necessarily point to the fact that the rallies and political events are causing an increase in coronavirus cases in Ghana.

He said we would need more data and statistics to confirm or deny the assertion.

He cautioned that these events could undermine the efforts put in place in dealing with the outbreak in Ghana.

He admonished political parties to advise their supporters to adhere strictly to the safety protocols.

The medical practitioner also asked the politicians to adopt innovative ways for their campaigns and avoid the large crowds.

He warned Ghana could have more cases after the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections if we continue to disregard the protocols.

On the commitment of health workers, he said they are still strong despite the fatigue that sets in sometimes.

"The commitment of health workers is not in doubt. We seem tired but we have not given up."

On logistics, he said they have not encountered any shortage of medical supplies but stressed the need for the government to restock the various medical centres as our cases have started increasing again.

”We have not encountered any shortage. We are okay for now. But we would ask the government to focus on the treatment centres as the cases keep rising. They need to restock the centres including human resources.”

He concluded by warning that persons who have recovered from the virus can be reinfected and that is dangerous.

Source: Ghana Celebrities
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