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Coronavirus: Tricycle operators cry over low patronage

Correspondence from Northern Region

The operators of tricycles which are popularly known in the Tamale metropolis as “yellow yellow" have been lamenting over low patronage of their services since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Tamale.

Some tricycle drivers who spoke to GhanaWeb explained that they used to pick three passengers as a full capacity but since the outbreak hit Tamale, they were been directed by the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TeMA) to pick only two, instead of three, which has had a dire effect on their daily earnings.

“The coming of the disease seems to slow down our business because we used to pick three passengers at a go but we are now told to reduced to two and even the two passengers, when we go out, we don't earn the amount we used to earn " they explained.

Speaking to Alhassan, who is one of the drivers explained that, they don't understand why “Yellow Yellow" operators are the only people asked to reduce passenger intake when the same directive hasn't been meted out on commercial vehicle drivers; trotro and taxi drivers.

“Our concern is that we haven't heard or seen any Taxi or trotro drivers been asked to load below their capacity but we the “Yellow Yellow" drivers when they see us load with three passengers which is our normal capacity, they arrest us and accused us of spreading the virus," he said.

He also indicated that, they feel been unfairly targeted by the Metro Assembly, adding that, members of the ”Yellow Yellow" who sometimes load with the three passengers due to the economic hardship, they are arrested and made to pay exorbitant fines and sometimes, even suffer beatings in the hands of the police, which he said isn't fair and must be looked into.

They, therefore, appealed to the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to review the directive and to also ensure that even if such directive is to be held, and it does not only apply to Yellow yellow operators but cut across.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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