General News Sun, 7 Jun 2020

Coronavirus restrictions numb church service in Tema Newtown

Some Christians in Tema Newtown who attended church on Sunday after the easing of COVID-19 measures by the President, say service was dull.

The President on May 31, 2020 in his COVID-19 10th address to the nation eased the ban on schooling, religious gathering and other social gatherings by allowing Christians and Muslims to fellowship with a maximum of 100 congregants who must have service not more than one hour.

Other measures to be met during service was provision of sanitizers and hand washing equipment, wearing of nose masks by all, checking of temperature using a gun thermometer, no waving of handkerchiefs, no hand shaking, no hugging among others.

While some churches were yet to start service, others put in the measures and had fellowship as some of their members gladly and joyously attended service after many weeks of virtual meeting.

Some members of Christendom Church at Tema Newtown said they felt good going to church after a long time adding however that church was dull and not normal since they had to go through the protocols before entering the chapel.

They indicated that they had to manage the one hour service with all its restrictions saying even though they were afraid of contracting the corona virus, they knew that they would be safe with the measures.

Mr Dickson Sekye, an Elder of the Christ Apostolic International, Tema Newtown number two Assembly, said they could not get all the congregation to attend service as some of them were afraid that they would be exposed to the virus should they attend.

Mr Sekye said those who attended cooperated well with the leadership of the church in complying with the protocols as they washed their hands, checked their temperature, registered their personal details, wore nose masks and used sanitizers before joining the service.

He said to ensure that they did not go beyond the number they arranged, only 70 chairs in the auditorium for each service adding that the first service lasted for 50 minutes.

Mr Yaw Anderson, Presiding Elder of the church, said “today was not like the normal time, we started service around 8:45 and ensured that we used less than 15 minutes for the worship session”.

Mr Anderson stated that after the first service, they sanitized the chairs before allowing congregants in for the second service to ensure that members were safe.
Source: GNA
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