It’s not about the money, it’s about the children – Private Schools to govt

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Wed, 2 Sep 2020 Source: happyghana.com

The Ghana National Association of Private Teachers has refuted claims that their call to include JHS 1 and SHS 1 in the reopening of schools in motivated by money.

Speaking to Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning, Public Relations Officer of the Association, Joseph Donkor explained that inasmuch as the private teachers were in difficult times, the main motivation for this call was for the welfare of the children.

“We are concerned about the children’s welfare. It is about the Ghanaian child. Some may mistake our concern for our business. But that is not the case. If we open in January, will there be new classrooms built?"

Now the third term is almost out and small part of second term is also out. We must remember that there is also a new curriculum that we have not covered in third term.

"We are advocating for JHS1-JHS 3. There are a lot things that the students need to cover. We are appealing for the government to add JHS 1 and some part of the primary classes to th reopening of school.”

He argued that in contrary to the notion that the school is not safe for the children, the school affords the children the opportunity to learn more on COVID-19 protocols and the need to follow these protocols.

“If the students begin coming to school, enforcement of protocols will be made even stronger. We can even educate these children better on the COVID-19. This is because it is believed that the children listen to teachers. The minister of education even said that the students are safer in the schools than at home”, he said.

He stressed that it saddens him when people conclude that the call for JHS 1 and SHS 1 students to come back to school is borne out of the teachers’ need for money.

Conference of Heads of Private Second-Cycle Schools (CHOPSS) has urged government to include first-year Junior High and Senior High Schools’ students in the October 5 reopening of schools, to enable them to complete the academic calendar.

It said the Form 1 students, like the Form 2 students were not too far-off from sitting their respective exit examinations, adding that a longer break in their academic work would impact negatively on their performance.

This call came after the President announced that JHS 2 and SHS 2 students were to begin school on October 5th this year while all other classes begin in January next year.

Source: happyghana.com
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