Stewardship of congregations diminishes by Coronavirus pandemic

Mon, 22 Jun 2020 Source: GNA

Reverend Dr Emmanuel Adjei Amey, Clerk of the General Assembly of the E. P. Church of Ghana has said the congregations' stewardship to the Churches has dipped resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said the pandemic, lockdowns and physical closure of churches and the observance of legitimate protocols should not affect one's stewardship including financial support.

Rev Amey was delivering a virtual sermon at its headquarters in Ho under the theme, "Fear Not."

He said stewardship responsibilities of members should be sustained even in abnormal times for the continuum of churches activities and programmes.

He noted that fears, anxieties, failures and other uncertainties of life had forced some faint-hearted Christians and Pastors to dabble in occultic powers, which had landed them in obvious troubles and disgrace.

Rev Amey prayed the peace of God, which surpasses these fears would reign, urging God's authority to lead Christians into the path of righteousness.

He said, "nothing will separate mankind and God, be it hunger, sickness, failures or COVID-19, if we trust Him".

"God you worship is still alive, this pandemic will also come to pass," he said.

Source: GNA
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