U-17 coach Ben Fukuo laments the effect of coronavirus on WAFU preparations

Sat, 12 Sep 2020 Source: Ghana Soccernet

Head coach of the national U-17 team, the Black Starlets, Ben Fokuo has said that the team will be forced to merged a five-month training activity into just two months of preparations.

The Ghana U-17 team broke camp in March following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, forcing all contact sports to a halt.

But with a month left to start the WAFU U-17 Cup of Nations in Benin, the team has been recalled to camp to start preparations.

"It has affected us a lot because we started camping around February, which we were having about 5 months to prepare since the competition would have been in July," he told the GFA communications team.

"The pandemic has affected us a lot because now we have about a month to prepare the team and so things we need to go through when you have enough time to prepare the team for a competition has been reduced to less than two months of preparation."

"The players have been screened, picked and camping had started already, so, things that have to be done in five months have to be done in less than two months so we need to speed up to be well prepared before we leave."

The WAFU U-17 Cup of Nations will also serve as a qualifying competition for the Africa U-17 Cup of Nations next year.

Source: Ghana Soccernet
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