Unqualified coaches, trainers hurting boxing development - Nana Yaw Konadu

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Comment: Blame yourself too

St. Ghfuo: skyscrappers, not cathedra
2020-07-14 12:21:08
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Unqualified coaches, trainers hurting boxing devel

Most retired boxers either end up as trainers or promoters and especially from technically deficit Africa you would have been a great asset in the sport post retirement but what have you done with your laurels since you retired? Nothing. No boxing gym in your hometown. You don't recruit boxers to train. You don't manage any boxers you don't organize boxing monthly events to continue interest in the sport....nothing but you are here talking. Wat will talking talking talking achieve. You don't even run for mp so you can solicit change n boxing awareness in Parliament but you are here talking n blaming Nana you call yourself Nana n instead of taking action you are talking tweaaa am I disappointed in you ofcourse I am. Stop talking and do something about the issue because you have the capacity to do so or shut up and send your qualities into the grave with you

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